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The meaning of rajadhiraja

Raja in Samskrata means King. There is a state in India called Rajasthan. Rajasthan means place of the kings. It is a beautiful state with many great dwellings that used to belong or still belong to local kings.

Rajadhiraja means King of the kings. Rajadhiraja Yoga refers to a system of Yoga where the conscience is the Supreme and the nature is its operating force. The Supreme progenitor is the King and he has made many king out of its progeny. It is a way to signify the divine nature of our human existence and at the same time attribute our dignified life to our Creator.

Rajadhiraja Yoga

Yoga as we know today was developed as a part of Tantrik Civilization, which existed in India and all parts of the world more than 10,000 years ago.
Long after around the 3rd century BC (2,300 years ago) a great sage named Patanjali (who was born at Patun in Burdwan district, Bengal, India) composed his celebrate yoga sutras or aphorisms of yoga. The sutras codify the first definitive, unified and comprehensive system of Yoga. Though knowledge of yoga already existed for thousands of years before him, he is considered to be the first author who truly put the different aspects in order and systematized it theoretically.
Astavakra Muni from Vakreshwar, Bengal taught Rajadhiraja Yoga, which is the practical yogic method to his follower Alarka over 2,000 years ago.

Rajadhiraja has eight steps to perfection. As yoga means union, the objective of yoga is union of body, mind and spirit. Yoga is understood as some form of physical exercise good for the body. But it’s a complete purification for our mental and physical existence. To have a good mind we need a good body. So asanas (body postures) take an important role. Asanas are innumerable-at least thousands. Neither can people find all nor is it possible to do those asanas in one life time. Hence those asanas which are good for both mind and body or which are the most beneficial for curing many common diseases are taught in Rajadhiraja Yoga. Other than Asanas- Body Postures other seven steps are

  • Yama - Principles of morality
  • Niyama - Principles of morality
  • Pranayama - Breath Control
  • Pratyahara - Withdrawal of mind
  • Dharana - Concentration
  • Dhyana - Meditation and
  • Samadhi - Suspension of mind in the goal

Acharyas (trained spiritual teachers) teach practically to do all the 8 steps to the perfection.


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