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UNT yoga club starts yoga class next Tuesday

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Yoga Anyone?

Yoga anyone?
By Onkarnath Pandey and Shambhu Sharan
Special to the News Register

Happiness is in the mind, and the mind is supported by the body – a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Your happiness depends on your mind and it depends on your body. Without physical health you can't be completely happy, and without mental happiness you can't be completely healthy. Health is a positive state; not just the absence of a negative one.

Yoga means “to unify.” It's the holistic approach to all aspects of life: physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga views the person as a whole; as a unique combination of body, mind and soul, and its techniques maintain that body-mind-soul harmony.

By practicing this technique, you can expect the following benefits:

• Increase health, longevity and resistance to sickness
• Attain inner happiness and stress-free environment
• Stamina, vitality, zest for life
• Clarity, concentration and memory
• Increase mental power for more effective study
• Self-confidence and awareness
• Increase creativity and problem solving capacity
• Love for all

Prevention is better than cure.

Nobody can deny that to prevent an illness is far better than to have to cure one. So it's important to live a life that prevents illness from developing, rather than to have to deal with it afterwards. We want to be healthy and stay that way.

Know yourself; take responsibility for your own health; be your own doctor. I'm not saying you're never going to need specialized medical treatment, but at least you can minimize the chance of needing it. What's the use of going to the doctor for something you can cure ten times easier yourself? Or even better, something you could have prevented yourself, with no extra demand on your time or your finances!

Well, the good news is you can start from today! It's not a matter of learning – just knowing what are the right things to do. And it's the doing that counts.


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