Japan Earthquake relief

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AMURT & AMURTEL Japan Relief Work report for April 1st

To keep in line with the tradition of April fool day, our day started with a little joke to one of our volunteers who had spent the night at the international village refugee center. We called him and told him that we were tired and planned to take a day off, and he believed it!
It was a day of intense work clearing mud and ruined furniture from an elderly couple’s home. The house was big and so the whole team went there, and working silently and fast the job was done much earlier than expected.
And it was very good because we wanted to return to Sendai in time to send off Dada Karunamayaji, who had to return to Taiwan. He was with us from the very beginning of the relief operation and has been a powerful source of loving care for all.

Japan Eartquake fundraising event

Ananda Marga Dallas Region, a non-profit charitable organization, is raising funds for the Japan earthquake evacuees at Taj Grocers, Plano starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 2, 2011. Kamal Albright and Austin Albright is organizing the fundraising event to help the Japanese earthquake victims. Contact Kamal at 972.800.3420 to volunteer.

AMURT & AMURTEL Japan Relief Work Report for March 29

Today we started our day working together with other volunteers at the storage hall of the Shichigahama volunteer centre. The volunteer centre had received an assortment of donations from all over Japan for their residents. The donations ranged from water and food items to diapers and chopsticks, etc. All the items arrived in their original boxes; were sorted out and countered and stored.
The team plus a few teenaged boys from the refugee center where we have our camp office also joined us and we all had a good time also because our effort was very much appreciated.
While we were at the International Village refugee center we happened to meet again Yoshihiro Murai, the Miyagi’s governor who recognized our team and spent some moments with us.

AMURT volunteer shares his Japan relief efforts

AMURT/AMURTEL JAPAN Relief Work 22 March 2011
Today was the first day of operations of our team and we chose to travel to the town of Tagajo, which has been severely, affected by both earthquake and tsunami.
The manager of the town’s social service department Kenta Tesaki remembered us from our previous assessment visit last week and he was happy to register us to work in coordination with the governmental relief plan.
We expressed to him our wish to assist the elderly in cleaning up their homes so that they could move back and regain at least some measure of normality in their lives that have been so heavily shaken in the past two weeks.
While waiting for the assignment, we enjoyed the company of many youth who were also volunteering to help cleaning up the town. They were excited to see us there and, winning their hesitation to express themselves in English, they told us how thankful they were for our gesture of real solidarity.


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