Ananda Marga

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Ananda Marga Dharma Maha Sammelan held on July 29 in Germany

Namaskar Dear Brothers and sisters,
On 29 July 2010, our Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Dada addressed on the first day to the gathering of devotees who were present in the morning and evening program in community hall near Madhukaruna.
The subject of his discourse was “Ba’ba’ the perfect synonym of a Supreme Father”.

Rev Dada started with Ba’ba’s all pervasive power and love for Devotees.

Ba’ba’ started exhibiting the power since his birth while feeding him for the first time..

When Rev Dada was a small boy, when Dada and his best friend used to argue, to claim that my father was great or his friend’s father was Great.

You know, everybody has love for his own father.

Baba is the Supreme so he is the Father, that’s why everybody has love for that Supreme Father and HE is our Baba.

A father loves his child but the grandfather loves his grand children still more and great grandfather loves his grand children still more and more.

So Supreme Father who is the father of all children loves his children the Most, that’s why HE is Supreme Father of all.


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