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Ananda Marga's All Round Service in rural part of India's Kalahandi, Orissa

I was in Kalahandi for one week. We have completed boundary Walls from all sides including one room in our AMURT Bhavan Complex at Bhawanipatana by Baba's Grace. We have already Deep tube well and electricity and one small room in which our AMURT LFT Dr. Bhattacharya ji stays. This place has been selected by Baba to rendered maximum service to the neglected tribals.

Ananda Marga medical camp helps patient

A medical camp was held on 5th June 2011 in AMURT Bhavan complex
Anandanagar. 47 patients were treated and free medicines were given to all
by Dr. Karuna Sahadev , Dr. Mihir Kumar and Dr. Rajan Gope.
With my best wishes and regards to all

Always At His lotus feet

Ac. Ramananda Avadhuta
Central AMURT Secretary
AMURT Bhavan

AMURT volunteers helps to Japan earthquake evacuees

AMURT & AMURTEL Japan Relief Work Report for March 29

Today we started our day working together with other volunteers at the storage hall of the Shichigahama volunteer centre. The volunteer centre had received an assortment of donations from all over Japan for their residents. The donations ranged from water and food items to diapers and chopsticks, etc. All the items arrived in their original boxes; were sorted out and countered and stored.
The team plus a few teenaged boys from the refugee center where we have our camp office also joined us and we all had a good time also because our effort was very much appreciated.
While we were at the International Village refugee center we happened to meet again Yoshihiro Murai, the Miyagi’s governor who recognized our team and spent some moments with us.


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