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Ananda Marga Youth Retreat in Maui Hawaii

National Conference on Meditation and New Economy

National Conference on Meditation and New Economy conference was held in Dallas on April 3 and April 4 2009. Checkout the videos of the event

UTA Yoga-Meditation participated in activities fair

Yoga-Meditation Club at University Of Texas at Arlington had a table with books and the Yoga-Club meeting schedule on February 4. 10 Students including faculty staffs signed up for the yoga classes and 60 picked up fliers.

Akhanda Kiirtan in Detroit in January

Akhanda Kiirtan in Detroit in January

Ananda Kanan winter retreat

Ananda Kanan winter retreat

The winter retreat started with a 3 hours Akhanda Kiirtan at Ananda Kanan on the evening of Saturday December 27.

Program began with Paincajanya, individual meditation, asanas class and Dharmacakra on the second day of the retreat, December 28. From 10 AM the opening ceremony started with a talk by Dada Iishvarakrsnananda. Dada narrated some of his spiritual experiences. Krpadevi organized a Carya'carya competition in the morning session.

Sister Aruna presented the Acupuncture Clinic Network, that aims to make acupuncture affordable to everyone.

A 6-hour Akhanda Kiirtan created a spiritual vibration to close the day at Ananda Kanan.

Dr. Pashupati and Laksman did highway clean-up and visted nursing home with 15 margiis as Ananda Kanan service project on December 29.

The Whole Timers working in Haiti, Dada Pranesh, Dada Gopalkrsnananda, and Local Full Timer Dharma presented their projects in the morning session.

Arun, Anjali, Kumudini, Bhagavanti and other margiis sang beautiful Prabhata Samgiita.

Margiis read Ananda Vanii 2009 in English, Hindi, Chinese, Oriya, Tagalo, Tamil, Spanish and French on Jan 1. Acarya Vishvamitra explained Ananda Vanii. Acarya Rudraprakashananda Avadhuta, a host of the retreat gave thanks to the attendees and organizers of the retreat. Dada gave special thanks to the youths for their cooperation to Ananda Kanan and asked people to come back to Ananda Kanan for Summer Retreat.

Ananda Kanan Winter Retreat held on Dec. 27, 2008 to Jan. 1, 2009 at Ananda Kanan, Willow Springs, MO, which included Akhanda Kiirtan, Asana classes, Prabhata Samgiita class, spiritual workshops, cultural program, students and youth meetings.


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