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Brookhaven vegetarian dinner by yoga club

Yoga club organized vegetarian dinner at Brookhaven college, Dallas, TX on Feb. 25, 2009.

Vegetarian dinner at Brookhaven College

On behalf of the Brookhaven Yoga Club, I'd like to invite you to the Club's Spring Vegetarian Dinner Party.
Day: Wednesday, February 25, 2009.
Time: 4:00 to 5:00 pm (Please be on time - the room must be vacated at around 5:00 pm for a regular class)
Location: S220 Dining room (inside the Brookhaven cafeteria)
Type of food: Vegetarian food (Asian Indian, Chinese etc.)

Vegetarians at Brookhaven

Going meatless more than a choice, it's a lifestyle
By: Glenn Sovian, Contributing Writer
Posted: 11/14/05
With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it would be unimaginable to most Americans to spend the holiday without turkeys on their tables. For some vegetarians at Brookhaven College, it's the way of life and for good reasons.

A growing number of people are choosing to eliminate animal products from their diets. According to the Vegetarian Resource Group, 2.8 percent of Americans may be considered vegetarians, but many more follow some form of vegetarian diets.

At Brookhaven, those who follow or try to adopt vegetarian lifestyles do so for different reasons, but the overwhelming majority seem to associate it with health issues.

"Personally, I am a vegetarian primarily for health reasons," Brookhaven philosophy instructor Dr. Jerrod Scott said he has been a vegetarian for almost four years. "The consumption of meat is directly linked to different forms of health conditions."

Since becoming a vegetarian, while combined with a daily exercise regimen, Dr. Scott has lost 70 pounds and no longer suffers from other common health conditions.


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