Ananda Marga Meditation

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Introduction of Ananda Marga Meditation

Sisters and Brothers Namaskar: Spread of the Gospel of Srhii Shrii Anandamurti's twin Philosophies (i) Spiritual for self realization [ 49 Ananda Sutrams - Aphorisms 1-4 Chapters ] (ii) Social for Service to humanity [ 16 Ananda Sutram Slokas - Aphorisms, Chapter 5 ]

Dr. Sachin's Student Sally Khanna, Interviewing Dadaji Dr. Shambhushivananda, February 1, 2011. What are the activities of Ananda Marga? Ananda Marga a (a) Simple way to Self Discovery & Spirituality (b) Personal Development (c) Social Service and transformation Feb 1, 2011. If I want to follow this path , What do I need to do? Series of You Tube will follow !
If I want to follow this path , What do I need to do?

Gullringen Sweden Interview by Sally Khanna Compiled by Dr Sachin Deshmukh
Dr. Shambhushivananda, Gurukul University,
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An Introduction to Ananda Marga Meditation

Good afternoon, everyone!

I am inviting you all to a spiritual evening in Pleasantville, NY, that will include a collective meditation session. Please spread the word to those interested in meditation and join us if you can!

An Introduction to Ananda Marga Meditation
Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 at 7pm
at the WESPAC office
17 Marble Avenue, second floor
Pleasantville, NY 10570

Why do we meditate? What is yoga? How do we meditate? Let us move together as we delve deeper into our own minds and explore the deeper layers of our consciousness and being. Cosmic love is the essence of this universe!

All are welcome. No fee or admission charge. I would appreciate rsvps so I know how many people to expect. For help with directions or additional information, call 914.843.0874


Dr. Ravi Batra's Speech 1


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