Ananda Nagar Ananda Purnima May 29, 2011 DMS

Namaskar !
Dear Brothers/Sisters,
Ananda Purnima DMS is a very special event in life of all spiritual
aspirants. To be in Ananda Nagar and attending DMS is a direct grace
of Beloved Baba. There is lot that could be achieved individually and
collectively when we are together has a family.
Beloved Baba has binded all of us to be very orgainzed & efficient so
that we could establish Mahavishva in days to come, if we truly follow
his detailed plan of DMS.
In this DMS, all over the Globe, there is representation of margiis
and wt’s and their concrete output for six months from all
departments. There is six monthly target achieved and new targets
taken for next six months. So, there is personal, organizational,
social as well as moral and spiritual development in DMS.
In the morning hours, there was Holy address of Rev Purodha Pramukha Dadaji.
The topic Rev Purodha Pramukha Dadaji spoke was “Amáninam
mánadeyaḿ”. That means ““respect the disrespected.” Ananda Marga is
way of life. We have to adopt to this lifestyle by all means.
There are two aspects in our existence mainly – social life and
individual life. As in spiritual existence there are 3 categories of

Dharma Maha Sammelan news in Jagran

सज्जन अहंकार नहीं करते : अवधूत
May 29, 10:15 pm
बोकारो : आनंदमार्ग के संस्थापक व प्रवर्तक श्रीश्री आनंदमूर्ति जी के परम भक्तों ने रविवार को गुरु चर्चा, प्रवचन, अखंड- कीर्तन एवं अन्य कार्यक्रम प्रस्तुत कर आनंद नगरी को तरंगायित कर दिया। इसी के साथ ही तीन दिवसीय धर्म महासम्मेलन का समापन हो गया। सम्मेलन के तीसरे दिन संस्था के वरिष्ठ पुरोधा आचार्य विश्व देवानंद अवधूत ने अपने प्रवचन में कहा कि संसार में जो कुछ भी है वह परम पुरुष का ही अभिप्रकाश है। सज्जन वे हैं जो दलित, पतित, असहाय व तथाकथित छोटे लोगों को भी सम्मान देते हैं। सज्जन लोग वे होते हैं जो घास के समान धरातल पर लेटे रहते हैं अर्थात अहंकार नहीं करते हैं। पेड़ के समान सहन करने की शक्ति रखते हैं। आनंदमार्ग प्रचारक संघ के रिलिफ विभाग आनंद यूनिवर्सल रिलिफ टीम ने आनंद पूर्णिमा के अवसर पर गरीबों के बीच सैकड़ों साड़ी व धोती का वितरण किया। इस अवसर पर केंद्रीय सचिव आचार्य रामानंद अवधूत ने कहा कि मानव सेवा ही माधव सेवा है।
आध्यात्मिक हुआ आनंद नगर
May 28, 10:48 pm

Ananda Nagar Ananda Purnima May 27, 2011 DMS

The early morning 27th May, 2011 was the day of grief for all present here
at Ananda Nagar because of Funeral Ceremony of beloved son
of Baba, Ac Nigamananda Avadhuta.
After the cremation was done, Rev PP Dada Ji came over to the DMS
pandal around 12 noon.
“Surrender the Path of liberation” - was the topic of discourse. Rev PP
Dadaji, Ac Vishvadevananda Avt started with these words, We have
witnessed with our own eyes that many non virtuous people,
materialist, communist, who came in contact with Baba and surrendered
to Baba.

Baba paved the way of liberation to them. There was hard core
communist, when he came in contact with Ananda Marga, then he got
personal contact, he became an ardent devotee of Baba. And he

Ananda Nagar Ananda Purnima 2011 DMS starts

Morning of 28th May, 2011 as usual started with Paincajanya and
Prabhata Pheri(Nagar Kiirtan). There was asana classes for new
initiates this time organized during DMS schedule.

At about 09:30 am sharp, Rev Purodha Pramuka Ac Vishvadevananda Avt
came to DMS venue and witnessed Kaoshikii dance performed by brothers
and sisters and Tandava dance. Later Didi Ananda Gayattri Acarya' sang
this Prabhata Samgiita song no. 601.
The purport of this song was read in English by Ac Raganugananda Avt,
and is mentioned hereby:
Oh Lord, please look at me, forgetting my mistake. I have picked up
flowers for offering. I cannot reach you in meditation and continue
wandering in hell.

Acarya Nigamananda Avadhuta left his physical body

Dear Brothers/Sisters, Namaskar !
Beloved Baba’s, one of the most dearest son, Acarya Nigamananda
Avadhuta has left his physical body on 24th May 2011 at Akasha
Hospital, Delhi around 21:20 hours night of Tuesday. His physical body
was brought to Ananda Nagar, and was placed at the entrance of Baba’s
Quarter till his Shraddha Ceremony which took place on 27th May
morning between 8 to 10 hours with prior commencing of Ananda Purnima
Dharma Maha Sammelan.
Rev PP Dada, Ac Vishvadevananda Avt came to the Shraddha premises to
offer his last respects to our departed soul of Ac Nigamananda Avt.
Thousands of Beloved BABA’s devotees attending DMS came by to offer
their last respects in Marga Guru Quarters with flowers and garlands.
The Shraddhanjali took place with all respects filled with sadness and
tears with grief, sorrow and unhappiness who knew Dada personally as
well as organizationlly.
Cremation was done by the side of the river near the Dadhicii’s
memorial. The live coverage of Dada Nigamanandaji’s shraddhanjali was
broadcasted to all the sectors.
Hereby enclosing the photos.
In Him
A'carya Acintananda Avadhu'ta
Public Relations Secretary (Central)

What is Ananda Marga

Here is a panel discussion on Ananda Marga

Dharma Prachar Story & Slide Show

Dharma Prachar Story & Slide Show
By Ragu Dasu
Dada Jiivapremananda Avadhuta of Ananda Marga Outreaching Silicon Valley Business Community by Pravas Vani KLOK 11.70 AM Radio, CA, US:
May 1st Sunday in Los Altos Hills, CA, we did Akhanda Kiirtana for 3 hours. Hari Om, the President of AM, dropped Dada Jiivapremananda at Santa Clara Marriott Hotel for the Silicon Valley convention of the Business community hosted by the Pravas Vani 11.70AM Radio show, one of the largest Asian American outlets for 24/7 news and coverage in the Bay Area.
Dada Acharya Jiivapremananda Avadhuta who exclusively worked in Africa for a decade, used his experience with NGOs, Non-Governmental Organization of Ananda Magra, affiliations, and spoke to scores of business organizers. Raghu Malladi the CEO, Founder & Visionary of Pravas Vani met Dadajee and welcomed him to the convention as a special guest of honor and talked at length to invoke spirituality in the community and in the world.

Sign up and volunteer for Ananda Marga fundraising and future service project

We have both booths all day this Saturday, so feel free to do Seva and sign up for any amount of time. We will need twice the manpower as last week (two booths instead of one) so help as always is much appreciated. The booth materials and people bringing them are also listed. Feel free to correct any mistakes I may have made, or to contribute something that I have forgotten to list.
Table: Provided by Venue and Dadas
Tablecloth: Dadas
Donation Box: Kamal/Austin for one booth. Someone contact us if second box is needed.
Disaster Video and Service Video: Found on RD yoga, anyone with a laptop can pre-load it and play it
Ananda Marga Banner: Provided by Dada
Chairs: Provided by Venue (extra chairs are always appreciated)
Black and White Paper Poster of Japan Disaster: Kamal/Austin
Laptop 1: Kamal
Laptop 2: Apekshit

Future Service Projects:

Feeding the Less Fortunate: Date TBA

Ananda Margiis celebrated Prabhat's birthday on Sunday

Ananda Margiis from Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex celebrated Onkarnath and Seema Pandey's son Prabhat's birthday on Sunday, April 17 at the Ananda Marga Meditation Center. They joined three-hours Kiirtan followed by meditation and birthday celebration. Acarya Rudraprakashananda Avadhuta played Tabla and Kamal Albright played guitar during the . Ba'ba' Na'm Kevalam'. The slideshow photos of the Prabhat's birthday celebration, kiirtan and mditation are posted below.

Ananda Marga sectorial conference videos of April 2011

See below three video links for the last April 2011 Sectorial Conference prepared by Dada Karunamaya:


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