AMURT listed for Burma cyclone relief

You can donate to Ananda Marga Universal Releif Team (AMURT), a non profit organization for Burma cyclone releif.
AMURT is listed as a relief organization.
Ananda Marga yoga center
Ac. Shubhacetanananda Avt.
2355 Trellis Place
Richardson, TX 75081
Ph- 972-699-3838

Margii List

A'ca'rya Advaya'nanda Avadhuta
A'ca'rya Shubhacetana'nanda Avadhuta
Adarsh Chandrakar
Deepak Biyani
Moody S
Paras Jain
Seema Pandey
vandana Tangri
vishwa a'tman

Yoga for kids

Yoga for Kids

Location Day Time
Plano Texas Every Sunday

Yoga Classes

Yoga Class Schedule:*

Details Location Day Time**
Collective Meditation(Dharmacakra) Ananda Marga Yoga Center Every Sunday Starts 5 p.m.
Akhanda Kiirtan Ananda Marga Yoga Center First Sunday every month 2:00-5 P.M
Collective Meditation Irving Every Friday

The meaning of rajadhiraja

Raja in Samskrata means King. There is a state in India called Rajasthan. Rajasthan means place of the kings. It is a beautiful state with many great dwellings that used to belong or still belong to local kings.

Rajadhiraja means King of the kings. Rajadhiraja Yoga refers to a system of Yoga where the conscience is the Supreme and the nature is its operating force. The Supreme progenitor is the King and he has made many king out of its progeny. It is a way to signify the divine nature of our human existence and at the same time attribute our dignified life to our Creator.


In our world today, especially living busy hectic stressed-out daily existences in urban/city life, we often feel the great need for Peace, Serenity and a deeper sense of Connectedness both to other people as well as to our Inner Selves and to a Higher Reality.
Thus, towards this goal, the ancient practice of Meditation/Yoga, adjusted for modern living, helps greatly.
One finds that it is quite difficult to make good progress in this practice without proper guidance.
Therefore it is helpful to have the expert guidance of trained teachers as well as the company of others sincerely practising the same.


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