October reporting from India

The Mahaprayan Diivas) was held in Ananda Nagar on 21 to 26 October. A three hour Akhanda Kiirtans was held daily from 21st October till 25 October 2008. There was also a 24 hour Kiirtans in Kiirtans Mandap of
Ananda Nagar on 26th October. All Delhi sector Dada's and Didis, margiis from Ranchi, Kolkata region and other places, some Sectorial Secretaries and overseas Dadas and Didis attended the Kiirtans with full inspiration and devotion. Many new Kiirtans tunes were introduced by famous Kiirtans singers.
Ac. Nirmohananda Avt. Secretary central Acarya board gave an inspiring talk to the gathering, mentioning his experiences with Marga Gurudev Baba. He mentioned that it is our solemn duty to fulfill the task of Baba and materialize the programs of His mission. We must have firm determination as Baba Himself especially wanted the WT workers to carry on sublime duties. He said that Baba was always positive; He never spoke negatively and never allowed negative thoughts to prevail. So we, the sons and daughter of Baba, should march ahead carrying the flag of Marga. Delhi sector RDS was also held from 24 to 29 of October
2008. RDS program was very inspiring and workers requested to have same quality RDS in future. Inspiring as well as educative Classes were given by our senior Dadas from central and overseas sectors.

Year 2008 is the Golden Jubilee celebration of RU RAWA Dept. Many places of Delhi sector celebrated RU meeting and RAWA program in Ranchi, Patna, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Kathamandu, Jaipur, Allahabad etc. Local media gave full coverage of the program including Newspaper, Radio and TV.

Yoga conference in Hi Phong city of Vietnam

Yesterday we completed two days yoga conference in Hi Phong city of Vietnam attended by 180 yoga students / teachers and margiis from Hanoi. There was one RM of local margiis brother/sister namely Shubhavrata (30) and Neha (28) during the function.
Vietnam national TV (VTV-1) and Hanoi local TV chennel O-2 is telvising Asana Postures and its effect on different disease at regular interval presented by me. We are again being approached by other TV chennels to teach asana for different diesase on line, may be next week this will come on the screen.

Rest every thing is ok.

Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 8:42 AM

Ac. Vishvadevananda Avadhuta Inaugural Speech

Excerpts from the inaugural address of Ac. Vishvadevananda Avadhuta on the occasion of his being declared as the newly elected Purodha Pramukha of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha on October 28, 2008 at 6.10 PM, IST.

My Honorable Purodhas, Margi brothers, sisters:

I am indeed indebted in the love you have flaunted today to me. Really, I could not imagine that I being so dwarf may be adorned to this state, this position of the organization. In fact, this is a great onus that has come on my shoulder but for this we have to create an ideal ambience, a milieu of harmony, cooperation, coordination, brotherhood… so that we can protect, preserve the treasures of Ananda Marga.

Ananda Marga belongs to all, to all Margi brothers and sisters, Purodhas, Avadhutas Acaryas, and Tattvikas…. And once Baba said that “I do not belong to heaven, I am always with you, I am yours.” Therefore the mission of Baba is to be carried forward with our zeal, great cooperation and coordination. So it is not only I. This harmonious environment can be created not by thinking as I and you but as we. So let us all work without prejudiced contentions and rights together and carry Baba’s mission ahead. The world is watching. There is chaos, confusion and anarchy nowadays according to prophecies in the economic sphere, political sphere, and in fact in every sphere. So this is the juncture where Ananda Margiis have to come forward forgetting and leaving aside all the narrow selfish sentiments.

Dr. Ravi Batra's talk on Air America radio

Dr. Ravi Batra would talk on Air America Radio with Thom Hartmann Friday, Nov. 14, 2008 12:00 pm.



Diwali message by Moti Teckchandani.

Dear friends - near and dear Ones. Humanity is a Singular Entity.May everybody enjoy this world. May no one suffer
and may every body see the bright side of Life.This is the promise in all the religions of the world and let us join
our forces for Peaceful March all over the world.Make sure no single child is left behind. Our economic system is outlived.We are seeing the Demise? what

Dearest Baba has declared(Baba means nearest and dearest).
"Why do you think I created PROUT? Do you think I can eat? Do you think I can sleep when God in human form is treated like this? When there is so much suffering? It is my duty as a Guru (Guru means dispeller of Darkness) to help these people"

--P.R.SARKAR, PROUT Propounder

Very soon and appropriate moment we will have Peaceful March to educate the masses all over the world through our 180 countries establishment. We will make all the governments realize and all the parties of the government realize. Prout.org is the only solution through peaceful revolution. It is happening. It is happening. It is happening. It will happen. This Universe of our is Tiny Island.

P.R.Sarkar gave 5000 songs for the Golden Age Promised. This is one Song in English. Due respect to English language (fit for universal language)

I love this tiny green Island...surrounded by the Sea?
Touched by the Sea, decorated by the Sea?...4

I love this tiny green Island surrounded by the Sea...
Am I a secluded figure? In the vast a little a meagre?
No no no no I am not alone..4
Great is with me....
The Great is with me...
I love this tiny green Island, surrounded by the Sea.

Talk by Dr. Ravi Batra

Location Date Time
Richland College Performance Hall room F-102 Tuesday, 28th October 2008 9:30am-10:50am. Reception with questions and answers 11:am - 12:20 pm


Mysticism and Yoga

Mysticism and Yoga
14 September 1979, Istanbul

When the aesthetic sense, based on the subtle aesthetic science, comes to touch a certain standard, it is what is called mysticism. And when this mysticism reaches the pinnacle of human glory, or the excellence of human glory, it is called spirituality. What is mysticism? Mysticism is the never-ending endeavour to find out the link between the finite and the infinite. It is a never-ending endeavour to find out a link between the self and the Super-Self, khud and Khudá. This is mysticism.

It is one of the human wonts that human beings are never satisfied with something finite. They are never satisfied with something limited. In Sanskrit it is said, Nalpe sukhamasti bhunaeva sukhamasti ["Human thirst cannot be satisfied with something limited, human hunger cannot be satisfied by something finite"].

That is, in the quest for the Infinite, human beings first come in contact with aesthetic science. Aesthetic science does not always mean to get something pleasant; it may mean to get something troublesome, something embarrassing – it may or may not be something pleasant. Aesthetic science is that which one can express in a subtler way, from subtle to subtle, and when it reaches the subtlest point, that point is the pinnacle of human glory. Now, it is the duty of artists to express their work in a nice way, in a lucid way, and place it before the world. Not everyone can do this. But enjoying something with aesthetic taste or aesthetic charm is within the capacity of each and every human being.


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