Ananda Marga Revolutionary Marriage of Nisha and Raghavendra

Ananda Marga Revolutionary Marriage of Nisha and Raghavendra at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Ananda Marga distributes housing materials to 50 homeless families

Due to heavy rains, in and around Anandanagar, many mud houses were collapsed. after survey AMURT/AMURTEL identified 50 most deserving homeless families for suppling them Asbestos sheets and Bamboos to build their houses. These house hold materials were given to them on 21-8-2011 on the occasion of Shravani Purnima. On this day three hours kirtan created a very strong spiritual vibration. Hundreds of Dadas, Didis, Margiis and even local people took part.

Photographs of Mass Feeding held at Anandanagar

Here are some photographs of Mass Feeding held at Anandanagar on August 07, 2011.
Dada Ramananda

Photos of medical camp held at Anandanagar on August 7

Here are some photos of Medical camp held at Anandanagar on August 7, 2011.

Dada Ramananda

Ananda Marga's All Round Service in rural part of India's Kalahandi, Orissa

I was in Kalahandi for one week. We have completed boundary Walls from all sides including one room in our AMURT Bhavan Complex at Bhawanipatana by Baba's Grace. We have already Deep tube well and electricity and one small room in which our AMURT LFT Dr. Bhattacharya ji stays. This place has been selected by Baba to rendered maximum service to the neglected tribals.

Mass Feeding at Anandanagar served 200 poor children

Mass Feeding was done. 200 poor children of ten villages near Pundag were served hot meals on July 3, 2011.

Dada Ramananda

Medical camp serves 35 patient

Medical camp was held at Anandanagar on July3, 2011. Thirty one patients were served.

Dada Ramananda
AMURT Bhavan

A medical camp helps poor people

A Medical Camp was held on 5th June 2011 in AMURT Bhavan complex
Anandanagar. 47 patients were treated and free medicines were given to all
by Dr. Karuna Sahadev , Dr. Mihir Kumar and Dr. Rajan Gope. some PHOTOGRAPHS
taken of Medical Camp are attached here your viewing.
Ac. Ramananda Avadhuta
Central AMURT Secretary
AMURT Bhavan

Mass Feeding at Anandanagar

Here are some photos taken of regular Mass Feeding at Anandagar on 7 June 2011.

Dada Ramananda Avadhuta
AMURT Bhavan

Tantra Philosophy of Ananda Marga

Tantra Cetana


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