Ananda Marga distributes housing materials to 50 homeless families

Due to heavy rains, in and around Anandanagar, many mud houses were collapsed. after survey AMURT/AMURTEL identified 50 most deserving homeless families for suppling them Asbestos sheets and Bamboos to build their houses. These house hold materials were given to them on 21-8-2011 on the occasion of Shravani Purnima. On this day three hours kirtan created a very strong spiritual vibration. Hundreds of Dadas, Didis, Margiis and even local people took part.

Those who were present in the function spoke very high about AMURT services rendered. Our guests were Sri Nepal Mahato (Local MLA), Proffessor Dinesh Ghosh of Shantiniken, Dr. Ramesh Mishra (Retired civil surgeon of Patana medical College hospital), Sri Himamshu Rainjan Sarkar from Dhanbad, Sri K.S. Mukharjee (DRM) of Ranchi Division, Sri Bharat Goenka from Delhi AMURT Global ACB Member and many others.

Ac. Ramananda Avadhuta
Global AMURT Secretary
AMURT Bhavan