Ananda Marga's All Round Service in rural part of India's Kalahandi, Orissa

I was in Kalahandi for one week. We have completed boundary Walls from all sides including one room in our AMURT Bhavan Complex at Bhawanipatana by Baba's Grace. We have already Deep tube well and electricity and one small room in which our AMURT LFT Dr. Bhattacharya ji stays. This place has been selected by Baba to rendered maximum service to the neglected tribals.

We invited Local MLA Mr. Dusmant Nayak to distribute sarees to Tribals. He distributed sarees to poor and promised to help AMURT in all possible ways. His wife is the chair person of the Bhawanipatana municipality will complete the road upto AMURT Bhavan with in very short time. AMURT Needs atleast four rooms for 12 boys of kutia tribe for their all round progress., One Jagrti for regular dharma chakra, one medical unit and one AMURT store.

We solicit help from all of you to come forward to help the most neglected tribals in a better way.
AMURT organized Mass Feeding on 28-07-20011 More than 300 tribals and poor people took hot meals after doing kiirtan. MLA took part in Mass feeding programme also.
I am sending some photos on this occasion for your information.
Ac. Ramananda Avadhuta
Central AMURT Secretary
AMURT Bhavan Anandanagar