Good News 2nd Phase 1st Diocese Seminar 2011

Classes were given at Anandanagar for the preparation of Central Trainer & organizers.
Total 102 workers of Central/Sectorial/Regional/Area level attended the class.

Topics were taken from Shubhasita Samgraha and Prout:
1. Momentum and attraction
2. The cardinal spirit of Karma
3. Social Justice

Seminars were held on four different dates i.e. 25th, 26th & 27th June 2011,
1st, 2nd, & 3rd July 2011,
8th, 9th & 10th 2011 and
15th, 16th & 17th July 2011

Seminars were held in 32 places in the Delhi sector, which has greatly inspired the old and new margiis of the sector.
Margiis/cadres and the WT workers attended the programme in large number. They all have taken new plan and programme to consolidate the field as well to build the strong structure of the departments of the organization. Akhand Kiirtan, Nagar Kiirtan, Prabhat Pheri, Symposium, Procession was the main attraction of the each seminar. Blissful Kiirtan endowed all the devotees in the flow of devotion, pure love for the most beloved Baba. Many new people also got initiation during the Seminar. Tandava and Kausikii competition was also organized and winners received the prizes. Mass feeding and other service activities were also organized at several places during the Seminar. Optees of different departments attended the Seminar. Mostly Bhukti Pradhans of all the departments along with the members of Bhukti committes and the UBPs/ Unit Secretaries and ACB members attended the Seminar sincerely. For below level Seminars trainers and organisors list was also declared at the end of the each Seminar. The numbers of participants has been given as per the recorded on the paper only but it was more than that.
Print media and electronic media widely highlighted the different activities of Seminar.

Kolkata Region
By Ac Navaruanananda Avt, RS Kolkata
Shillong Circle- At Maibang, Dimasa on 24th, 25th and 26th June 2011, Margiis of Gohati and Lumding diocese attended the seminar in good number. Also a public meeting was organized in which 100 people participated. Books of AMPS publication was sold of Rs 2000/-
Kalikata circle- At Bokaro Margiis from Midnapur, Bokaro and Tata diocese attended the Seminar. More than 105 margiis participated in the programme. Media like Dainik jagaran, Aaja and Prabhat khabar widely covered the news of Seminar. Last day Narayan Seva took place in which 100 people got benefitted.
Sahebganj- Hinterland was Bardhaman Dumka and Hoogly Diocese. Number of local intellectuals attended the programme. More the 150 margiis were present during the Seminar. Bhukti Pradhan (General) Surendra ji organizes a RU programme on Service and Spirituality in which Professors of Shaibganj college, Mr Arun kr Sinha, Mr Rajnarayan singh, Mr Ukil Poddar and others participated. Local media highlighted the programme. Ac Dayashikharananda Avt was the Central Trainer.
Bhubaneshvar Circle- Central Trainer was Ac Sampurnananda Avt. More than 61 Margiis attended the Seminar. DMS committee was formed and meeting took place. Ac Ragatiitananda Avt, DS Sambalpur collected Rs. 50000/- for the construction work. Local media Dharitri and Khavar published the news widely.

Ranchi Region
By Ac Mantrachaitanyananda Avt, RS Ranchi
Total eight Seminars were held in the Region (Bhopal and Patna circle):
Raipur- 125 Margiis attended the Seminars per record. A press conference was organized on 23rd June at press club Raipur. Central trainer Ac Satyashryananda Avt addressed the media persons, about 35 press reporters and 5 television channels joined the conference. The news were published everyday with colour photographs. Ac Shivananda dani and Shri TPS Thakur Kushwaha, Builai contributed maximum for the success of the Seminar.
In Guna and Sagar Ac Krpananda Avt was the central Trainer who inspires all the participants for all round progress. N Sagar 57 people attended the Seminar.
Ujjain- About 85 people attended the seminar
Araria- Apart from the Seminar 48hrs Kiirtan was organized in Araria on 16th and 17th June 2011 in which thousands of Margiis enjoyed he blissful devotional flow.
Barahat- About 430 Margiis participated in the Seminar; Ac Paramananda Avt was the central trainer.
Bhabhua- about 400 margiis attended the programme. Seminar Trainer was Ac Raganugananda Avt.
Hazipur and Koderama- about 500 margiis participated in the Seminar. All enjoyed the classes on social and spiritual philosophy.
Allahabad Region,
By Ac Devakrpananda Avt (RS Allahabad)
Toatl four Seminars were held in the Region: Lucknow, Thano, Orai and Pratapgarh.
KK was started in Lucknow. Two press conferences were held in Pratapgarh and Orai.
Symposium was organized in orai on ‘The contribution of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji for the humanity, and present crisis and cure. So many high profile people participated in the Seminar at Orai. Such as DM- Sarabh babu, ADM- Devendra diksit, President of congress community miss. Namrta Kumari, Chairman of Vyapar mandal of Orai and Principal of Sanskrt Mahavidyalaya Orai Mr Jag Prasad Chaturvediji were present in the symposium. Acarya Randhiir dev and Acarya Mukundananda Avt(Trainer Seminar) presented the philosophy of Baba very deeply which attracted each and every one present in the hall.
MP of Jalon Vidhansabha visited the seminar place and learnt Yoga Asana from Ac Punyadhishananda Avt.
MLC of Uttara Pradesh Govt. and State President of BJP Shrii Swatantra Dev Singh and DM mr Saorab Babu learnt Meditation and Yoga Asana by Ac Deva Kripananda Avt (RS Allahabad) and Ac Punyadhishananda Avt(DC North).
New Master unit Development Committee was formed at Thano, Uttarakhand. Shrii Bharat Bhusan ji became the interim Bhukti Pradhan of Dehradoon Bhukti for current term.

Chandigarh Region
By Ac Kalyanmitrananda Avt, RS Chandigarh
Shrinagar Circle- At Doda, which included Kathua, Jammu and Shrinagr Diocese. More than 150 Margiis from far and wide reached to the place for Seminar.
In Delhi more than 300 participants attended the Seminar. A meeting of DMS committee was also held under the chairmanship of Central DPS Ac Sampurnananda Avt.
In Shimla record gathering attended the Seminar with great enthusiasm and many learnt Sadhana. More than 200 devotees of the mountain area reached to the Seminar place. Ac Nabhatiitananda Avt was the central trainer who made the kiirtan programme special and all enjoyed the flow of devotion and felt His love deep down the heart.
In Amritshar margiis from Firozpur, Amritshar and Chandigarh diocese attended the Seminar. Ac Pranaveshananda Avt was the central trainer who inspired all the members greatly. Newspapers highlighted the programme widely.

Jaipur Region
By Ac Shubhagatananda Avt, RS Jaipur
Ahamedabad Circle- More than 70 Margiis attended the Seminar. Central Trainer Ac Nabhatitananda Avt narrated the subject and explained it deeply, which left impression on the mind and heart of all.
Jaipur Circle- More than 150 Margiis attended the seminar. School children were taught Asanas and Meditation. Press conference was also organized and media published the news and highlighted widely.
In Kota Ac Satyashryananda Avt was the central trainer who explained the subject very nicely and effectively. Large number of Margiis attended the Seminar. They also planned to organize DMS in 2013.
Mumbai Region
By Ac Satyadevananda Avt, RS Mumbai
Nasik Seminar: More than 150 margiis attended the Seminar. Press conference was organized in which four newspapers published the news and two news channels, DD1 and Sahyadri TV also covered the news and telecasted widely. Kausikii and Tandava competition was organized. A long colorful procession was taken out in the city, which was special attraction for all. Twenty initiations were given. Central Trainer Ac Raganugananda Avt inspired all during the classes to march to achieve goal in this very life with pure devotion and surrenderence onto His lotus feet.
Nagpur: More than 175 Margiis attended Seminar. Different Competition took place. Print media published the news.
Hyderabad: More than 200 margiis attended the Seminar. 15 new people got initiated. Different competition was also organized. Eenadu and Milap papers covered the news. Ac Svarupananda Avt was the Central trainer who apart from the class inspired all with master’s stories. Devotees felt special vibration and blissful presence of the Lord. AMPS publication book, Ananda Sutram in Telgu language, (translated by Govardhan ji) got released by Ac Svarupananda Avt.

Bangalore Region
By Ac Dharmaprananada Avt, RS Bangalore
Three Seminars were held in the region; Mysore, Trivendrum and Vellore. Large number of margiis attended the Seminar. 35 people got initiated. Ac Priyatoshananda Avt was the central trainer in al three places who inspired the gathering in every sphere of life through his nice classes.

Kathmandu Region
By Ac Siddhavidyananda Avt, RS Kathmandu
Seminar-First diocese seminar of Kathmandu region has been held in Ananda Vidya Mandir, Jadibuti, Kathmandu on 8,9,10 July. Central trainer was Ac Hariishananda Avt. At This occasion Ac Rudrananda dada was also present who gave special class on Sadhana which was very inspiring for all.
Margiis in large number attended the Seminar and also planned to strengthen the structure of departments in their respective area.
AMURT- Narayan Seva in Baglamupchi temple was held in which 150 people got benefitted and also 90 poor children got benefitted in Janakpur.
Abah Seva Sadan at Janakpur treated 120 patients through homeopathy medicines. 20 people were treated through naturopathy, Acupuncture, Yoga by Ac Oumkareshvarananda Avt.
A table talk was also organized on Biopsychology and health among the 16 naturopath trainee’s medical students
Grha Pravesh and Tattva sabha at Bhairahwa and Thuthipipali was addressed by RS KTM Ac Siddhavidyananda Avt, 30 people attended the programme.
An article from Jiivan Veda in Nepali is being published by a national daily Hetauda Sandesh from Hetauda.