Shravani Purnima festival 2011

Namaska'r to all brothers and sisters,

August 13th., this year 2011 is Shra'vanii Pu'rn'ima', a very historic day and festival of A'nanda Ma'rga. On this day in 1939, our Reverend Gurudeva, BA'BA' (Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rtijii) imparted the first initiation of His Mission on Earth!
So to commemorate this occasion, Saturday, August 13th., we will have Dharmacakra at our Jagrti in Richardson, starting at 5pm sharp. After that, we will proceed to the India Independence Day celebrations (A'nanda Baza'r) at the Lone Star Park, Grand Prairie for praca'r and participation at the event.
All are cordially invited and welcome!

In Him,
A'c. Advaya'nanda Avt.
~~ May You Live Long, Prosper, Build A Better World, ...& Attain Spiritual Liberation~~
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