Ananda Nagar Ananda Purnima May 29, 2011 DMS

Namaskar !
Dear Brothers/Sisters,
Ananda Purnima DMS is a very special event in life of all spiritual
aspirants. To be in Ananda Nagar and attending DMS is a direct grace
of Beloved Baba. There is lot that could be achieved individually and
collectively when we are together has a family.
Beloved Baba has binded all of us to be very orgainzed & efficient so
that we could establish Mahavishva in days to come, if we truly follow
his detailed plan of DMS.
In this DMS, all over the Globe, there is representation of margiis
and wt’s and their concrete output for six months from all
departments. There is six monthly target achieved and new targets
taken for next six months. So, there is personal, organizational,
social as well as moral and spiritual development in DMS.
In the morning hours, there was Holy address of Rev Purodha Pramukha Dadaji.
The topic Rev Purodha Pramukha Dadaji spoke was “Amáninam
mánadeyaḿ”. That means ““respect the disrespected.” Ananda Marga is
way of life. We have to adopt to this lifestyle by all means.
There are two aspects in our existence mainly – social life and
individual life. As in spiritual existence there are 3 categories of
human beings: Adhama, Madhyama and Uttama.
In social life too, there are 3 class of human beings.
Adhama means the 3rd class of human beings. There is no simili
adjustment among thought word and action, they are the 3rd class of
people in society.
Madhyama means second class type of people, there is no adjustment
between thoughts and words, but there is adjustment between words and
actions, these are second class of persons in society.
The third is uttama, the best class. There is simili or there is
adjustment from all the three, thoughts,words, and action. These are
the first class of person in society.
What type of persons are Ananda Margiis? What type to adopt in social
life? What should be our social expression?
So Baba wants all of us in the first category, for this Baba suggested
many times in his discourses. Trńádapi suniicena taroriva
sahiśńuná; Amániná mánadena kiirtaniiyá sadá harih. This is
the shloka Mahaprabhu Caetanya composed.
There is 3 type of ego: 1. Abhimana 2. Gaurava 3. Prathista
Abhimana also vanity of something like that.
Gaurava – self-agrandizement
Pratistha – prestige
Regarding vanity – Rev Dadaji expressed one incident. Once there was a
margii devotee working under the supervisor authority. One day this
devotee he couldn’t greet his supervisor when he came by to his work
place. So later, this authority called him to his chamber and said
what type of person are you, even you don’t know how to greet the
So on one pretext, he chargesheeted this innocent margii deliberately.
So margiis was thinking how to solve this problem.
Meantime, there was a incursion in his office and he was caught red
handed taking bribe. So he was suspended from his job. Because the
authority chargesheeted with vanity of power, he was also removed from
his job for hurting a innocent junior employee(margii). Always Baba
takes care of his devotees in all circumstances.
Later speaking Rev Dadaji said some people have tendency to exhibit
their self aggrandisement in all walks of life. Rev Dadaji gave one
example of it poetically. To relinquish all these type of ego and to
adopt the qualities of sane being. One must be as tolerant as a tree
and to sing the glory of the Lord.
Those who are disrespected and rejected by society should also be
recognized by us as manifestations of Parama Puruśa. We must respect
them with due honour as Parama Puruśa has chosen to manifest them in
that particular way. We should always be very courteous to them. Hence
the third duty of a devotee is to respect those people whom no one
respects. We must approach those who are unloved, ridiculed, and in
need of affection, and tell them we care for them. By honouring them
and restoring their dignity we will make them happy; their minds will
become filled with joy and peace.
Rev Dadaji is narrating one incident how to respect disrespected.
One time, one IAS officer who was highly educated from delhi came to
meet Baba. This gentleman had a strong prestige that he is an IAS
At the same time, another strong devotee also came to Baba’s place who
was also highly educated and dignified margii who had a duty to
collect funds for some AM project. As he thought he cannot go to this
IAS officer for fund collection, he knew that IAS officer is too
egoistic and decided to approach one simple margii devotee. He told
the simple margii devotee that gentleman is very big officer and very
intelligent person, you should go and introduce yourself to him.
And this devotee went to IAS officer and he told Pranama(greeting in
normal way), but this IAS officer didn’t accept his greetings but he
was avoiding and remained in unentertaining gesture. So simple margiis
devotee thought he is not evening receiving my namaskar.
In the meantime when Baba came back from his room, this IAS officer
rushed and did sastaunga pranam to BABA. Baba was careless what he was
Baba looked amongst the people and found this devotee and called him
and started speaking to him with deep love and when this officer got
up, Baba himself introduced this devotee to the officer. Baba told the
IAS officer, you know he is a great poet, his poems are very beautiful
and his poems are very ideation reflected with subtle ideas, I like
his poems very very much and you know he has not visited and even seen
the backside of any university or college. He writes poem in two
And now IAS officer started giving pranam(greeted) to that devotee and
said Baba was saying much about you, then the devotee became very
happy and got inspired with devotional flow of Baba and through his
poetic calibre he instantly created a poem which reflects that Shrii
Shrii Anandamurti is GOD in human form on this earth, Oh foolishman,
give up all the ego and pride and surrender to him.
Later this IAS officer became well acquainted with this simple devotee
and asked if he can be of any help. Then the devotee said could you
help in AM Project some funds. Immediately this IAS officer took a 500
rupee note and gave donation. Then this simple margii devotee gave
this to other highly educated dutiful margii this 500 rupees.
Then Rev PP dadaji told another incident when Baba was residing at Jamalpur.
Respect those who are simple, who are despite by others, who are
ignored by so called high people, you give them respect, honor them
and be a first class social being in social life and be a devotee of
highest order in your individual life. This is what Baba has said in
his sermons.

After this program, there was regional meetings held at different
places with duty bearing margiis and local workers and acaryas. Each
region have planned an agenda to be implemented in respective region
till next RDS.
In the afternoon at Kiirtan mantap, there was concluding part of 72
hours Akhanda Kiirtan which was vibrative and ecstatic blissful scene
to be witnessed.
Ac Savitananda Avt had given talk about that there will 3 months
kiirtan starting on 8 Oct, 2012 till 1st January, 2013 in Ananda Nagar
for Global peace.
After this program,, in the afternoon session there was meeting of
AMURT/eL at PP Quarters from 3:45 to 4:15 pm. Then from 4:15 to 5:00
pm there was meetng of Gurukul members at PP quarters. The meeting of
the general body of Avadhutas took place from 5 to 5:45 pm at PP
quarters. Secretary of Avadhuta board read out the report and
resolution taken under the auspicous guidance from Rev PP Dada Ac
Vishvadevananda Avt.

In the night hours of the DMS, there was admirable cultural staging
from RAWA artists of Delhi sector. The main highlight was Aesthetic
beauty of performing Asanas as well as Avirabhava of Gurudeva Shrii
Shrii Anandamurti jii incident, which was put on display on
dance-drama based Prabhata Samgiita by RAWA artists. The dance and
songs presentation was supervised by Mrinal Pathakji.
There was vote of thanks from Central RU Secretary to all RAWA artists.
After this our respected General Finance Secretary Ac Acintananda Avt
read the report and General Secretary also read the report. Acting GS
Dadaji Ac Svarupananda Avt explained briefly the synposis of the court
cases judgement from NY sector and also other sectors highlighs.

Rev Purodha Pramukha Dada, Ac Vishvadevananda avt blessed the
revolutioary marriage couples. Later the Prize distribution for
Kaoshikii, Tandava, and other competition of workdone output of the
organization regionally as well as sectorially were given memento for
their meritorious service and as it was too late, Rev Dadajii made his
speech short.
Shortly, there was Baba’s film and collective Guru Puja and Avartha kiirtan.

In Him
A'carya Acintyananda Avadhu'ta
Public Relations Secretary (Central)
A'nanda Ma'rga Praca'raka Sam'gha
Camp- Ranchi 834005