Ananda Nagar Ananda Purnima May 27, 2011 DMS

The early morning 27th May, 2011 was the day of grief for all present here
at Ananda Nagar because of Funeral Ceremony of beloved son
of Baba, Ac Nigamananda Avadhuta.
After the cremation was done, Rev PP Dada Ji came over to the DMS
pandal around 12 noon.
“Surrender the Path of liberation” - was the topic of discourse. Rev PP
Dadaji, Ac Vishvadevananda Avt started with these words, We have
witnessed with our own eyes that many non virtuous people,
materialist, communist, who came in contact with Baba and surrendered
to Baba.

Baba paved the way of liberation to them. There was hard core
communist, when he came in contact with Ananda Marga, then he got
personal contact, he became an ardent devotee of Baba. And he
surrendered completely and got liberated by Guru's Grace. He did
wonderful work, marvelous work in Ananda Marga. That was Grace of
Baba, which inspired him to become a dutiful margii cum devotee. From
total surrender, one can gain Parama Purusa, and get to know the lotus
feet of Gurudeva Baba the only path for liberation.

After this noon session, there was Meeting of Central Workers of different
departments, Branches and Sectorial secretaries at PP Quarters. Main High
lights and six months progress and target reports were read out.

In the evening hours, there was meeting of the general body of Purodhas at
PP Quarters. Later the general body of Acaryas started at same premises.
Secretary Acarya Board Ac Nirmohananda Avt read out the progress report and
resolution of Acarya Board under the suitable guidance and inspiration from
Rev PP Dadaji, Ac Vishvadevananda Avt. Ac Savitananda Avt and Brc Aradhana
Ac' inspired all the present Acaryas with their marvellous talk.

After this, the general body of Tattvikas started at same premises.
Secretary Tattvika Board Ac Satyashrayananda Avt read out the progress
report and resolution of Tattvika Board under the suitable guidance and
inspiration from Rev PP Dadaji, Ac Vishvadevananda Avt. Ac Padmeshananda Avt
and Didi Avtk An Tapomaya Ac' spoke in this session to inspire all

In evening session after collective sadhana there was cultural program led
by Mrinal Pathakji anchoring the stage. The RAWA program organized was mild
mannered cultural evening with few Prabhata Samgiita songs and it was due to
the condolence held in the morning to our
Respected Ac Nigamananda Avadhuta.

There was Holy address of Rev PP Dadaji, Ac Vishvadevananda Avadhuta. The
subject of topic was “Yogaksemam vahamayam”. In Giita, it has been said,
Ananya cintya... yogaksemam vahamayam”.

Lord Krsna says the devotees who constantly think of me as long as and
worship me single mindedly, to those devotees ever united with me, in
thought, I shall take the responsibility, bringing full security to them,
and personally attain of their needs.

I bring the full security for devotees and personally attend to their needs,
Parama Purusa says like this.

During Emergency in India, many margiis were arrested, Baba much before the
emergency sent the message, Baba was in the jail and send the message from
the jail, Baba conveyed the message that each and every margii in India to
store the ration, food articles for atleast two years. The margiis couldn't
comprehend the spirit of the message and when emergency was proclaimed, then
they realized the meaning of Baba's message.

So Baba says, Parama Purusa bears the safety, for the safeguard the needs of
the devotee, ardent devotee.

The president of a particular country of South America was murdered. So our
Dada who was posted there, he is used to go in his house. He initiated the
family members and many other people, security men and others.

So the military men thought that he is the man who often come to the
President house, certainly he is the murderer of the President. And the
military people arrested him and sent him behind the bars.

The way he was tortured was never to be witnessed.

He is thinking all the time Baba during that torture. After few days, the
officer who was attending this case received a phone call, to release him
because there is no fault of him. So Dada was released and acquitted from
these case.

When that Dada comes out, he enquired about the phone call to confirm? First
he asked the security man whom he had initiated. Did you make that
tele-phone call? On basis of which I was released from the jail. That
security person started weeping and said, Dada how did you come out?

It is very difficult to come out from such a place? These has been the
custom here.

Then, Dada goes to a devotee margii and enquires from him, brother did you
make a telephone call at such n such place and such n such number?

The margiis says, no Dada, even I didn't know that you were in Jail. After
hearing the agony of Dada, he also started to weeping.

After few months that Dada came to India for reporting at Kalikata, Tiljala,
and when he was called by Baba, he met Baba, and while he was serving Baba,
Baba told him, whose telephone call was that? On the basis of which you were
ordered, you were released.
From that black prison and Dada came to understand that HE was a unknown
form of Baba Himself. And he started to cry profusely. I take the full
security of my devotee all time and in all circumstances.

After this evening session, there was Avartha Kiirtan and Akhanda Kiirtan
for 72 hours was continuing at Kiirtan Mantap.

In Him
A'carya Acintyananda Avadhu'ta
Public Relations Secretary (Central)
A'nanda Ma'rga Praca'raka Sam'gha
Camp- Ranchi 834005