Ananda Nagar Ananda Purnima 2011 DMS starts

Morning of 28th May, 2011 as usual started with Paincajanya and
Prabhata Pheri(Nagar Kiirtan). There was asana classes for new
initiates this time organized during DMS schedule.

At about 09:30 am sharp, Rev Purodha Pramuka Ac Vishvadevananda Avt
came to DMS venue and witnessed Kaoshikii dance performed by brothers
and sisters and Tandava dance. Later Didi Ananda Gayattri Acarya' sang
this Prabhata Samgiita song no. 601.
The purport of this song was read in English by Ac Raganugananda Avt,
and is mentioned hereby:
Oh Lord, please look at me, forgetting my mistake. I have picked up
flowers for offering. I cannot reach you in meditation and continue
wandering in hell.
I am unable to do your work and my days pass on wastefully. I live in
throny shrub, sketching colorful pictures with hope. Still I call you,
considering you as my companion of last days.

Rev PP Dadaji delivered his holy address with the topic of today's on
“Significance of Yama and Niyama”.
Cardinal principles of morality is very much necessary in the path of
sadhana for the spiritual aspirants. There is a story in the beginning
of 1960's, Baba was here at Ranchi, staying in a margii's house.
Baba was giving Personal contact to a youth employed in the
agriculture department of Bihar Govt. At that time this Jharkhand was
in Bihar state.
So when BABA was giving PC, Baba told that youth a new initiate on one
hand you are a good person, you have merits, but on the other hand you
suffer from demerits. You do immoral acts, you are not strict in moral
principles. Baba told him that you travel in 3rd class compartment of
train, but you submit the bill to the Government of 1st class. And not
only this, you submit false medical bill also, tell me you do it or
not? You are ashamed, then Baba asked him, who brought you in Ananda
Name who is your Acarya? Did he not tell you yama and niyama at the
time of Diiksa? The youth answered, my supervisor, the superior boss,
he was an officer in the same department.
My supervisor brought me in Ananda Marga, and he did tell me yama and
niyama, true.
And Baba ordered him to look around whether your acarya is here or
not. Just see around.
So, his acarya was caught and he came to Baba and did sastaunga
pranam, Baba looked from his feet to face and Baba understood that he
is also colored with same immoral acts.
He also committed the same thing. Baba didn't say anything about this.
Then Baba told the acarya, the supervisor, the boss of the new
initiate. See this boy, on one hand, he is appreciated by me, for his
good quality but at the same time he inivites demerits, bad tendency.
So, I want you that you have brought him to Ananda Marga and you have
adviced him to follow yama and niyama, but I want to tell you that he
does serious immoral acts. He doesn't follow the moral principles has
told by you. And Baba told everything that he does this, he travels in
3rd class but submits the bill of 1st class, he submits to the
Government the false medical bills and all these.
So Baba asked the acarya, now this is again the punishable act, I will
punish him severely. But if you forgive him, if you accrue him then I
will also forgive. So tell me do you forgive him, tell me, tell me do
you forgive me, tell me and the acarya was in dilemma, he is in
dilemma what to say?
He was also suffering from the same and so he was in a dilemma.
Neither Yes nor No. He was standing calm, peaceful. In the meantime,
his initiate was begging Baba for his acarya's forgiveness. Baba
forgive him.
Baba was creating, Baba was sustaining pressure on the acarya. So what happened?
So Baba is creating pressure and there was a stick in Baba's hand.
Tell me don't waste the time.
Ultimately under too much pressure, he vomits, the acarya vomits, yes
Baba I forgive him.
Baba say alright, when you have forgiven him, then I don't have
anything to say but you have to take the responsibiltiy for the change
of his conduct in future. This also you must assure, yes Baba.
After this, Baba asked that youth, the new intiate to leave the room
and he left. Baba turned towards the acarya. The man who brought him
to Ananda Marga.
Baba looked at him with Tiger's eye, with his contemptous eye. So that
acarya begins to tremble, he started trembling, and Baba says, you
have forgiven him, excused him.
Tell me, you have the right or authority to forgive him?
In My opinion only he can, who is free from demerits, who is strict in
moral principles, only he can forgive him.
But you yourself, not strict, but loose in your conduct like that,
like him. So how can you forgive him, tell me. So the acarya becomes
nervous, face becomes red, hands are trembling, why?
Because his conscience is biting, that I am also doing the same act,
the same immoral act.
So Baba is creating pressure, tell me why did you forgive? Who are you
to forgive him?
Have you any authority? When the thoughts are colored with the same
demerits? Tell me.
Baba is going on creating pressure, and he was in the dilemma to say,
in confusion, and then ultimately he begged, Baba apology.
He begged apology from Baba. Baba from now onward, I will also change
myself and not commit such immoral acts and follow the principles of
yama and niyama.
Then Baba said, you have assured me, I am happy, you both, you has
acarya, and he has a initiate, should be very partiuclar in your
conduct, has far as the principles of morality are concerned and Baba
forgive them.

After the holy address there was meeting of ACB's with their
respective departmental heads from 10:30- to 11:30 am at Central
Jagriti. Right away after this meeting, there was a collective meeting
of ACB's and BP's (at the same premises) from 11:30 to 1:00 pm.
There was UBP meeting held simultaneously at DMS pandal from 10:30-1:00 pm.

In the evening hours there was collective meeting with BP's and ACB's
with Rev Purodha Pramukha Dada from 3:45 pm to 04:30 pm.
There was a meeting of students and teachers at PP quarters from 04:30
to 5:00 pm.
Meeting of LFT's also took place at PP Quarters premises from 05:00 pm
to 5:45 pm.

In the night hours, there was collective sadhana led by Ac
Purnadevananda Avt with Prabhata Samgiita Bhajare Ista Nam.. and
kiirtan, Supreme command, Svadhaya.

The spectacular event of the RU day was the cultural program organized
by RAWA IKON 2010 and 2011 artists.
The cultural program started with Prabhata samgiita songs and dances
based on few selected songs like Tandava nace metecha which was danced
with Bharatnatyam and Chow nrtya combination.
There was solo dance based on the Prabhata Samgiita song “Jamiin asman
Tumhara” and “Tvamasi Sarvesam pita”.
There was group dance based on the Prabhata Samiita song - “Meghamedur
rate chande giite” and “Priya Amar Priyatama Tumi mor”.
The Dance drama was based on “Where There Is Dharma There Is Iśt́a,
and Where There Is Iśt́a There Is Victory”.
Our Respected Central RU Secretary Ac Acintananda Avt gave vote of
thanks for the artists who perfomed and exhibited their talents
meticulously on this RU Day.
On behalf of Central RU Secretary speech, Ac Gatimayananda Avt RU
Berlin read out the six monthly progress and highlights from all over
the globe.

Rev Purodha Pramukha came by to deliver RU speech at 8:30 pm and the
subject of RU speech was “Three fold emanative enlightenment”.
Enlightenment in its literal sense means, to shed light upon or to illuminate.
Among the emantive flows from Cosmic ocean there are three fundamental
emanations or enlightenment of our human condition.
Thre are
physical enlightenment, psychic enlightenment and spiriutal enlightenment.
The first one is physical enlightenment, the physical body is an
important element of our existence. It necessiates the study of body
with thoroughness in respect of food, exercise, rest, the glandular
secretion, sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system etc.
Sages and seers in the ancient times, in emphasizing the importance of
soul, inadverently began to ignore of this physical body.
Scholars and theologicians use many terms for pretense of the body.
All these was done to glorify the soul. A new school of thought later
challenged this tendency of fashion of denigrating the body and raise
question such as if the body a thing of earth, what is the role of the
body. What is the life minus the body? The body is important for the
perfection of life.
So, the body is the basic thing which cannot be ignored.
This new school of thought which came into being and challenged the
earlier concepts was in favor of proper existence of this body.
Diverse from the body the soul is not? If the physical body perishes
it is a doom to the soul? And one would not get or one would not
attain the proper knowledge of it.
So, by knowing the technique of proper nourishment or the nourishment
of this body, we not only tend this body but the soul to.
One enlightenment sage said, when I despite the body but then I saw
the God within. This body is the Lord's temple. So I began preserving
it with the care utmost.
The next one is psychic enlightenment. The domain of psychic emanation
is greater than this physical one. Hence psychic potentiality is far
greater than physical potentiality. The psychic potential if
misutilize possess the danger irrespect of peace, beauty and harmony.
Ideas and thoughts if not properly directed that wastage in the form
of psychic extravagence and psychic exploitation.
Engagement of mind in thoughts which do not lead to the welfare either
to individual or society is referred to as psychic extravagence.
Whereas the use of psyshic potentiality in a way that leads to the
downfall of masses at the cost of benefit to oneself or mere a few
individual is termed as psychic exploitation.
Neo-humanism propounded by Shrii P.R.Sarkar is a powerful antidote for
counteracting the pseudo-culture and exploitating mentality created by
a distorted psychic flow.
Neo-humanistic Education based on the philosophy of Neo-humanism will
give rise to constructive creating benevolent ideational thinking.

The third one is spiritual enlightenment. The greatest dangers in
human progress is ego. The soul is ignorant. This is virtually the
cause of spiritual suffering, a great many persons, a great many
elevated persons have fallen from the divine path due to this negative
So, it requires self retrospection. Always remembering the Supreme
being, the Supreme Entity and focussing all our ideas, to please the
divine master, the Sadguru will leave no scope for ideating on the
Spiritual path.
Meditation leads to realization, every effort, we are truly not our
body, not our thoughts and thing not our reaction. Besides meditation,
many sentient reflections, such as gratitude, humility, compassion,
love and serving others etc help to enlighten us.
Spiritual awakening helps us to eradicate the egotism, which separates
microcosm with Macrocosm. So the power of Spiritual enlightenment is a
million times stronger than the physical or psychic one.
Transforamtion of suffering humanity into three fold into the
condition of three fold enlightenment with the quest & objective of
today's renaissance.

After the holy address, Avartha kiirtan took place and Baba's video
was shown.--
In Him
A'carya Acintyananda Avadhu'ta
Public Relations Secretary (Central)
A'nanda Ma'rga Praca'raka Sam'gha
Camp- Ranchi 834005