Dharma Prachar Story & Slide Show

Dharma Prachar Story & Slide Show
By Ragu Dasu
Dada Jiivapremananda Avadhuta of Ananda Marga Outreaching Silicon Valley Business Community by Pravas Vani KLOK 11.70 AM Radio, CA, US:
May 1st Sunday in Los Altos Hills, CA, we did Akhanda Kiirtana for 3 hours. Hari Om, the President of AM, dropped Dada Jiivapremananda at Santa Clara Marriott Hotel for the Silicon Valley convention of the Business community hosted by the Pravas Vani 11.70AM Radio show, one of the largest Asian American outlets for 24/7 news and coverage in the Bay Area.
Dada Acharya Jiivapremananda Avadhuta who exclusively worked in Africa for a decade, used his experience with NGOs, Non-Governmental Organization of Ananda Magra, affiliations, and spoke to scores of business organizers. Raghu Malladi the CEO, Founder & Visionary of Pravas Vani met Dadajee and welcomed him to the convention as a special guest of honor and talked at length to invoke spirituality in the community and in the world.
Dadajee talked to business owners and inspired families and business owners alike: Dr. Kam of Forever Living Products; Yogi Mahendra, Internationally renowned Jyothisya Astrologer Acharyajee; Sandya Rani Lahoti, Ribbon Gift consultant; Anil Sark, Boomerang Limousines Owner; Dr. Dhanada Santosh Kulkerni of Ayur-Yoga; and Dr. Devi Reddy, just to mention a few. All were inspired for spirituality and Meditation. Apart from this, Dadajee met the producers of 2 dozen radio programs run by Pravas Vani, like Sarada Sayaklam, where Dadajee had a table talk with them and they were thrilled beyond expression for saint to at their table inspiring them to Yoga, Meditation & Ananda Marga.
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