Ananda Marga spiritual event in Bangladesh

Historical Dharma Maha Sammelan In Bangladesh

A historical DMS was held in Bangladesh at "Ananda Uttara" Master Unit, Pirganj, Thakurgaon, Bangladesh on March 10 & 11, 2011. A grand reception was given to the representative of Rev. Purodha Pramukha, Acarya Svarupananda Avadhuta and the Central representatives at the Dhaka Air Port on their arrival and the Dharma Maha Sammelan venue. An overwhelming gathering of over 500 Devotees of Baba from all over the Bangladesh attended Dharma Maha Sammelan and were highly inspired.

A senior Purodha Acarya Svarupananda Avadhuta addressed the devotees on the holy occasion of Dharma Mahasammelan as representative of the Rev. Purodha Pramukha of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha. The topics of discourse on both days were Spiritual Sadhana and the role of Mantra given by Maha Sambhuti, The processes of Yoga & Tantra Sadhana, The details and the advantages of different lessons of Ananda Marga Sadhana, Devotion (Bhakti) and realization of the Supreme.

All the Margii brothers and sisters were highly inspired and felt spiritually elevated by the spiritual atmosphere created by Akhanda Kiirtana, Dharma Cakra, Dharma Maha Sammelan program and spiritual discourses.

The meeting of the Bhukti Pradhan of Dhaka Region and the National Committee of Bangladesh were also held. A target to cover all the Bhuktis of the region was also taken up, The National Committee members resolved to function more effectively for remarkable development of the organization in the country. All the Bhukti Pradhans and the members of the National Committee as well as a the senior Margii brothers and sisters assured to strictly follow the system, organizational structure, norms and organizational discipline as laid down by our BABA.

There were colorful cultural program presented on both days of Dharma Maha Sammelan by devoted Margii brothers and sisters who are also renowned TV and Radio artists of Bangladesh.
Along with the cultural program there was also an unique symposium attended by over 5000 local people and dignitaries was held on March 11, 2011, in which local Member of Parliament (MP Bangladesh) Mr. Hafiz Uddin Ahamed, Chairman Municipal Corporation, Mr. Ishak Ali, Dr. Anisujjaman (Head of the Dept. of Philosophy, Dhaka University) Prof. Paresh Chandra Modak, (A Professor of Agriculture University, Dhaka), Shri Parimal Chandra Saha (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Water resources Bangladesh), Shri Parimal Das (Senior Executive officer Sonali Bank, Dhaka) were present. They delivered inspiring discourses on the role of Ananda Marga in educational cultural, social development of the country. They all were overwhelmed and impressed by the service projects of our mission, they assured to extend their best co-operation and support to the Whole Time Workers and the Ananda Marga chapter of Bangladesh. The MP Mr. Hafiz Uddin Ahamed was pleased to donate an amount of Rs. 100000.00 for the development of our Master Unit Ananda Uttara. He also inspired others to come forward and give their best for all round development of this Master Unit. The Chairman, Municipal Corporation asked the local people to send their children to the Ananda Marga Schools to have better education and character building.

Dr. Anisujjaman (Head of the Dept. of Philosophy, Dhaka University) is a renowned scholar and an ardent supporter of the Ananda Marga, he has published series of articles on the philosophy, approach, process of Sadhana and specialty of Ananda Marga. He also called upon the general public to join the mission of Ananda Marga and its various service oriented programs.