AMURT wants to help Hinoshima, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims

Dear All brothers and sisters Namaskar!

As you know the Japan has been badly hit by sever earthquake and then Tsunami. It is one of the biggest natural disaster of this century.
More than 300 hundred people have lost there lives, hundreds are missing and thousand have become shelter less.In this critical hours it is our fore most duties and responsibilities to extend all possible help and support in any kind to people of Japan affected by this biggest natural disaster.
We have our AMURT/AMURTEL unit in Japan. Ac. Shubhanirjashananda Avadhuta (SS)and Ac. Yogananda Avadhuta AMURT co-coordinator (SOS) Hongkong May be contacted without making any delay.

Dada Yogananda (Acting SOS), 886-6-5741965, +886-2-29333036 , Mob: +886-937298764,

With my best wishes and regards to all

Always At HIS Lotus Feet

Ac. Ramananda Avadhuta. Global
AMURT Secretary AMURT Bhavan
Anandanagar, India