One day Baba along with their followers had attended a programme at Lucknow(India), and then after baba came back to Varanasi to attend tatwa sabha at Patna.It was pre planned that baba has to go by plane to Patna.But all of a sudden it announced that due to some unavoidal situation plane not to be landed here(Baba was very much punctual in time).So,Baba enforced his followers to bring car and move to Patna by road. Ultimetly, it was decided, and Baba and his army move from Varanasi to Patna by car.During the journey, the car driver was unknown to the route of Patna,in every corner of the road baba's P.A. dada asked to the public about the route .Baba also made query to his p.a. dada that we are going right or not. After crossing 100 of miles baba advised to his p.a.dada that this route (by showing his finger) is go to Patna sure.P.a. dada had given instruction to the driver to move through this way.When baba' car crossing Bhabhua (a place in Bihar) suddenly baba ordered to the driver stop the car and putting his head out to call his one of the great follower(Who had taken mala of flower and standing in corner of the road) to come near by me.Baba loved him and give his blessing by saying ultimetly we met to you.And then and there car move to Patna. (The real story was this that he thought that we can't see baba anymore because we don't have so much money to go anyplace. Although he was very poor and can't afford to attend the Baba's sabha ,but he was a great sadhak of Anandmarg ).But Baba knows every particle of this universe.And those who perform sadhna and kiirtana regularly Baba's blessing always with them.

"BabaNam Kevalam is a Siddh Kiirtana Mahamantra. The eight limbs of yoga are for intelLectuals, but common people can achieve liberation just by doing kiirtana"- BABA