Eight Secrets of a Long Life

Eight Secrets of a Long Life Anti-stress Living Habits Eat When Hungry 1  Eating when not hungry causes constipation and indigestion.  Undigested food makes one susceptible to illness.  Eliminate wastes properly  Give sufficient gap between meals  Try to find your natural rhythm and listen to what the body tells you.  Overeating is also the cause of many 1 Sleep When Tired  Go to bed when your body tells you.  Not lying in after you've woken up.  Conform to natural rhythms.  Sleeping during the day and staying awake at night when tired is said to be one of the causes of cancer. 2 2 Rise Before Dawn  Each day has a rhythm - like a wave. 3  If you get up too late, you miss the wave and spend the rest of the day struggling to keep up.  Some hours of sleep before midnight are said to be twice as valuable as sleep after midnight. 3 Half-Bath /Shower before Food, Sleep & Meditation  Water has tremendous therapeutic value.  The body and mind are refreshed and relaxed.  The activity is performed at the optimum level, deriving maximum benefit. 4  Sick persons should take a refreshing bath at least twice a day.  Healthy persons at least once a day  Water should not exceed body temperature. 4 Regular Meditation & Yoga  Regular meditation and yoga tune the body and mind.  They waste much less energy. 5  Body and mind will last longer because the allotted amount of energy will carry you further.  Each person has a fixed number of breaths to their life..  By slowing down the breathing, one can extend the duration of life. 5 Raw Food & Yogurt  Life depends upon on "Prana" or "Vital Energy". 6  Raw, fresh food, is still full of life-giving, vital energy.  Vital energy (zing!!) is as important as the chemical nutrients in food.  Yoghurt is an easily digestible complete protein.  Contains positive bacteria that aid digestion. 6 Fasting at Intervals  Fasting allows the body to rest and renew itself.  System of cleaning accumulated toxins. 7  During fasting, the body burns excess, dead and diseased cells for energy - a sort of house-cleaning process.  Fasting also purifies the mind, somehow clearing the conscience and giving a fresh start.  The mind is naturally more inward when not distracted by food.  Good for contemplation and spiritual 7 Proper Physical Labor  Regular exercise strengthens bones, muscles, organs and joints.  The lymphatic system is operated by motion.  Prolonged idleness leads to physical degeneration.  As long as we have a body, it should be regularly worked and exercised. 8  A certain amount of physical work is good for the mind also 8 Summary 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Eat When Hungry Sleep When Tired Rise Before Dawn Half-Bath /Shower before Food, Sleep & Meditation Regular Meditation & Yoga Raw Food & Yogurt Fasting at Intervals Proper Physical Labor 10