Benefits of exercising and dieting

David Cosnecos At 215 pounds is happier and healthier than every he was a year ago. Now he is motivated to help others.

David Cosnecos demonstrates the streches he used to shed more than 110 pounds.
Students makes healthy choices
By: Shamhbu Sharan
Posted: 11/26/08
Eastfield nutrition and exercise science sophomore David Cosnecos (19) lost 110 pounds in one year by exercising and dieting.

"During my young age it didn't matter for some reasons," Cosnecos said. "I felt bad about my shape, especially in high school. When I got older, I became self-conscious."

After graduating from high school in November 2006, Cosnecos started riding his mountain bike, cycling, running and practicing yoga.

The first time, he rode his cycle 20 miles to Eastfield from his home, and continued using it, going to a gym and other places.

He started running for three to four minutes and it gradually increased his running time.

In addition to exercising, Cosnecos controlled his eating and drinking habits. He was eating until he was full. He started eating portions serving size. He stopped drinking sodas, and eating cookies, cakes and chips.

Cosnecos now eats rice, oatmeal, and vegetables; broccoli, carrots, potatoes and celery," "I stay away from fried food." Cosnecos said.

He used the internet to find good food choices.

Cosnecos lost his weight gradually and felt good. He exercises regularly 12 hours a week.

"I tried to lose weight to look better, to be healthier and happier," Cosnecos said.
"That was my motivation."
Cosnecos feels differenct after losing his weight.

"It is such a big difference being a different person," Cosnecos said. "I was less resistance to gravity. It is so much difference. I couldn't imagine it."

Cosnecos practices yoga and meditation as form of exercise.

"I started doing yoga and meditation, which helped me to keep myself focus and gave me a lot of mental strength," Cosnecos said.

"Going to bike-ride is a kind of meditation. It is a kind of meditation focusing on my body."

Cosnecos wants to be a nutritionist to make other people happy.

"I want to be happy and make other people happy," Cosnecos said. "I want to be healthy and want other people to realize that they are capable of doing anything they really want to. I thought I can do it and I did it."

Cosnecos believes that people should be examples before telling others to do the same

"You have to make yourself happy first in your life before you can truly make other people happy," Cosnecos said. "Being a nutritionist, I would help people to lose weight, and make sure they had a, healthier life style."

"When I lost weight, I got mental, physical, and spiritual benefits, and I am happy about it," Cosnecos said.
Obesity is the major problem in the United States and it can be cured by a healthy diet and weight-reducing exercises as
Cosnecos did it.

According to, "58 million Americans are overweight and suffering from obesity. Obesity causes diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, strokes, heart diseases, and cancer. The statistics of disease related to obesity are as follows: 80 percent type II diabetes, 70 percent cardiovascular disease, 30 percent gall bladder surgeries and 42 percent breast and colon cancer diagnosed among obese individuals."
Many school children suffer from obesity due to overeating and eating fried and junk food, according to the
Cosnecos was born and raised at Grand Prairie, Texas on. His weight was 330 pounds at the age of seventeen. Today he weights 215 pounds.

Cosnecos has made a difference in his life by losing weight. He believes others can also do it by though will power. © Copyright 2008 Et Cetera