1. What is Rajadhiraja Yoga?
  2. Answer: Rajadhiraja yoga is an Ashtang Yoga having eight limbs or eight parts. Asanas or Hath yoga is a part of Rajadhiraja yoga. Recently there is a nice article posted online on this. Check it out http://www.elephantjournal.com/2011/04/what-the-amp-is-rajadhiraja-yoga/

  3. What are the prerequisites of learning Rajadhiraja Yoga?
  4. Answer: You need to have inner desire, motivation and devotion to learn meditation and yoga. This is enough

  5. Is Rajadhiraja Yoga for everyone?
  6. Answer: Absolutely. Anyone regardless of whatsoever can and should learn Rajadhiraja yoga. But not everyone can practice all types of Asanas or Hatha Yoga. Some Asanas are prohibited if the body has certain ailments. Therefore it is strongly suggested to learn Yoga from a trained Yoga instructor and not to be learnt from books only.

  7. Is there any charge for learning it?
  8. Answer: Nothing. Not a cent. Meditation is taught free of charges. However, if you wish to support the organization you can Donate by following this link http://www.rajadhirajayoga.net/donate-rajadhiraja

  9. If it is free then it will not be as good as those yogas which others teach by charging hefty fees?
  10. Answer: This is a wrong assumption. There may be many valid reasons why others charge money to teach Yoga(however one can question why the fee is so high!!). The yoga we teach is as good as, if not better, than those taught by others. We don't want to deprive some people of Yoga knowledge just because they can't afford it

  11. I am planning to learn Yoga and Meditation for some specific health issues. Do you have any Asanas for that?
  12. Answer: Generally speaking there is always some Asanas which can help one recover from specific medical conditions. But these are not substitute for expert medical advice. Talk to your doctor for diagnosis. Contact Yoga instructor for helpful yogas.

  13. How can I contact a Yoga instructor. I am not in USA
  14. Answer: You can find the contact information here http://www.rajadhirajayoga.net/node/108. We can help you to locate yoga instructor nearest to you. We have the yoga instructors all over the world not only in USA.

  15. Did anyone ever benefited from it? Do you have any testimonials to mention?
  16. Answer: We don't have to tell about the benefits for Yoga. It is world known. We will soon have a "Testimonials" page on the site to highlight few individual successes.

  17. Is Yoga Secular?
  18. Answer: Yes it is. See this news article http://www.rajadhirajayoga.net/node/92 and http://www.rajadhirajayoga.net/node/245

  19. I was browsing the website and suddenly found a technical glitch. What should I do?
  20. Answer: Report any issue related to website to info@rdyoga.com

  21. How to search for content in the website?
  22. Answer: Type in your search keywords in the search textbox on the top right corner

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