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Veggie for life

Veggie for life

By Luis A. Quibranza III

Friday, November 18, 2011

CALM down, folks. We’re not promoting a death sentence here—assuming that’s how the title strikes the hardcore meat lover at first glance.

Speaking of which, there is a chance that majority of the readers may either know at least one carnivorous dude out there, or could be one himself or herself. The fact is most of us are accustomed to having meat in our diets. Of course, that goes without saying that the degree varies. But admit it: do you really attend town fiestas hunting for the organic salads?

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WELL… some people actually do. Take artist and student Kim Tiangco, for example.

“It’s hard to find food at parties. My friends are considerate enough to order meat-free food for me whenever we go out. I guess the toughest challenge I have as a vegetarian is looking for real food around 12 midnight when I’m out with friends.”

Kim is one of the people who have devoted themselves to being a vegetarian. In it for about five years now, she has learned to embrace the thought of mastering one’s body with utmost discipline.

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